Wedding Gown Time Line

12 Months before the wedding


The very first thing you should do is decide on the season, date and time of the wedding.

Before you start looking at dresses (I know it is extremely tempting to do so) picking a season is crucial. Will it be Fall, Spring, Summer, or winter? Often, the season sets the tone of the wedding, it helps you pick your colors, and what the bridal party should wear.

The date of your wedding can be chosen for many number of reasons; like a sentimental date for you or your future hubby, a long weekend break so people can travel, during the week so you can get that gorgeous venue at a more affordable price. Then, the time of the wedding, daytime, noon, afternoon, etc. Thinking about the overall atmosphere of your wedding is important so you can know how hot, sunny, cold, windy, or maybe even rainy it is going to be so you and your entourage can be ready.

Announce your wedding! You may want to do this through the use of Save the Date cards, the radio, your local newspaper, etc.

Next, you should decide on a venue!

It may be outside in a beautiful winery on fall time, an exotic beach resort with only your family, or at a luxurious hotel in the summer time. Your venue really sets the tone for your wedding!

If your wedding is going to be outside, think about how a thick and very heavy dress will feel in mid-summer day. On the other hand, a light chiffon gown will not work so well on a winter wonderland theme wedding.


12 to 8 months before your wedding

Make your wedding dress appointment!

Start shopping for your gown, make your appointment or just stop by. You can come by our store with your wedding vision, so we can help you narrow down to your dress. By making an appointment we can have a special one-on-one time with you and your family.

Don't forget about your girls!

What look do you want for your bridesmaids? After you know what look you want to rock for your wedding, then start shopping for what look you want for your girls.


8 to 6 months before your wedding


Order your wedding gown!

In real life eight months to order a dress sounds like a lot of time, but in wedding time, it is just the right amount of time. Wedding gowns are a special breed of dresses. It might feel that you are placing your order so far in advance of your wedding, but in reality, you will allow ample time for production and shipping. It also affords you and us a comfortable time frame to accommodate any alterations if necessary.

Note: Designers periodically discontinue their styles without advance notice.

Make a final decision about bridesmaids!

I know how much fun is to see your girls try on different styles and hang out with them, but its time to make a final decision on what they are going to wear. Also, pick the color. Is everybody going to wear the same style? Everybody same style, but the maid of honor? Everybody different styles? Maybe everybody different colors....this can be pulled off but you have to make the decision soon, so everybody will have to get measured and fitted properly. Also, alterations might be in order, so time is key.

What is your groom going to wear?

He might not be helping, he might not know anything that's going on, and he probably thinks everything will just fall right into place magically, but he is still a very important part of the wedding. It might be good for him to shop for his tux with you ;)

Also, details will take time, so think about his socks, tie, pocket square, or any extra attire for small that might seem, get it in the moment and not later.

We match our groomsmen to our bridesmaid dresses' color, so he can be part of this as well.

Choose your accessories!

After you pick your dress, you can start thinking about your veil, headpiece, shoes.


6 to 4 months before your wedding


Accessories and hair style...again.

All your accessories should by purchased, or put on layaway. Some veils or accessories might not be in stock at the store, and sometimes it takes a month to two to get them in. You need to start making decisions of how are going to wear your hair, the headpiece that you order should go with the theme of the wedding.

Don't forget the moms!

Go shopping with your mom and make sure your future mother-in-law is shopping for her outfits. Their attire has to coordinate with the wedding, and it as to be appropriate. If your bridesmaids are wearing pink, it doesn't mean they should as well but they should wear a complementary color like a light sage green or a more natural color that balance the pink on the wedding pictures such as silver. Also, the length of the dresses should be the same so they will feel more comfortable and equally important (and it looks good in pictures too.)

3 months to 6 weeks before your wedding

It's time for your first fitting!

By this time (if you order your gown on time) your dress should be in, so you can come by and do your first fitting.

Some things to think about:

Your underwear: Depending on the dress and location, the underwear and accessories should match it; meaning, do you need a corset, a petticoat, high heels, flip-flops, strapless bra, no underwear (J.K. do wear underwear!)

Also, When your dress arrives at the boutique, it has to go through an inspection, to make sure everything is perfect, no little problems at all. However, if anything is found the dress will be sent back to the manufacturer and a replacement will have to come in, which it will go through quality control as well. Those are things that should not worry you since that's the reason you are buying your dress from a brick-and-mortar store and not online. None the less, the process takes time, so this is one of the reasons you order your dress months in advance.

Who is going to do your make-up?

A friend, a professional, a beginner, your mom's friend's cousin's niece, yourself? Whoever does your make-up they should do a trial run. Be nice, but be objective and honest with you and the person. Too much make-up and your future grand children may think you had a black-eye. Too little and you may look like you were sick that day.

4 weeks before your wedding

Time for fitting #2! 

At this time, we will coordinate with you everything how many fittings are needed. Also, what else you need for your dress.

Everybody else.

Your bridesmaids, mom, future mother-in-law, groom, groomsman, flower girls, and everybody in your party should have all their garments, like shoes, accessories, head pieces, socks, etc.

2 weeks before your wedding

It's time for your final fitting with us! 

Around this time, you should have your last fitting. Many brides choose to leave their dress to be picked up the day before the wedding. No to alarm you, but brides tend to lose or gain weight around the final two weeks due to stress. This is when the dress pick-up time is scheduled.

Other things you need to be doing...

* Gather all the things you will need for the wedding. Don't think "I will pick that up later" , "I have that in my office" , "my mother has that"...... get them all together.

*Get your final hair trim.

*If you want to tan, do it now. Spray or tanning bed it doesn't matter.

*Make your manicure and pedicure appointment.

*Do your final hair trial with your hair and make-up person.

A side note: If you schedule your final hair and make-up trial before your final dress fitting, you can see how your hair and make-up will look with your dress, and we can take a picture for you :)

1 week before your wedding

It's show time...

*Make sure you have all your attire together and ready, like dress, undergarments, shoes, accessories, etc.

*What are you going to wear the day after the wedding? Get it together, and pack it.

*Groomsmen should pick up their tuxedos.

*Pamper yourself, manicure, pedicure, get a facial and a massage.



**ENJOY YOURSELF! You worked so hard to make your day perfect! Relax, have fun, and take it all in. It will be one of the best days of your life!

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