Plus Size Wedding Dresses


Because God made us in all shapes and different sizes....

Why come to Rina's?


#4 We carry up to a size 34 in wedding gowns, and we have up to a size 30 in stock.

What is a plus size wedding gown? A plus size gown is not just a smaller gown made larger. Plus sizes gowns are made to fit, hug curves, and flatter figures better. For example, a regular size 20 has measurements of chest 46'', waist 38'' and hips 49''. In contrast, a plus size gown size 20 has measurements of chest 49'', waist 44'', and hips 51'' making the fit better by reducing the inches between the breast and the waist to 5''. Also, 90% of our plus size gowns come with lace-up back to take in where it needs and let out where it needs to be let out. This allows for gaining or loosing 5-10 pounds without the need for alterations. Lastly, our dresses come with jackets or thick traps to hide bras.


#3 We help you find the right fit for you.

As I girl I understand the desire to modify yourself to fit in "the dress", but God made us all different and gave us different attributes. Some people have more up top, some people wish they could have more up top ( myself).

There are many factors to consider such as silhouettes, waistline, neckline, hemline, etc. Some things will make us look gorgeous and others not so much, so it is important to try on dresses and to find the one that fits you, not the other way around.


#2. In house alterations.

We help you take your wedding gown to the next level.

After you have found "The One" the alterations process begins. We do couture alterations such as cape sleeves, changing necklines, hems, embellishing, custom veils, custom headpieces, custom sashes, adding any kind of sleeve, making matching jackets, and much more.


and Reason #1

Because we Care :)

Our Plus Size Designers

Every Body Every Bride by Stella York

Julietta by Mori Lee

Unforgettable by Bonny Bridal



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