Meet Coco Chanel

Meet Coco Chanel, our first employee.

Coco is a Morkie, a Maltese and a Yorkie. She began working at the store when she was two months old. At the time, our store was in its beginning stages and was run only by our owner, Rina, and Coco. Since the store has grown over the years, Coco mostly supervises now. You may find her sewing with Rina in alterations, laying on the counter, or she may even pop into your bridal appointment to see how beautiful you look! Don't be offended if Coco doesn't come to you--Coco does what Coco wants!


Coco Hanging out on top of the counter.


Coco Chanel Rina's Bridal Boutique official mascot of bridal store

Coco Chanel and Josselyne after a very busy Saturday ready for the weekend


Coco Chanel the official mascot of Rina's Bridal Boutique

Coco Sleeping on her little bed under Rina's Desk.  



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