Finding "The One"....Again

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Saying "Yes to the Dress" is the dream of many women throughout their lives. From playing dress up as a little girl to flipping through a magazine, the average woman has some fantastic ideas about their wedding day. Because of this build-up that occurs over time, finding the one and only dress carries some stress. But maybe "the one" is not really what we consider it to be. 

A wedding dress can mean a lot of things to a bride. It accentuates her. It strengthens her. It complements her. It is her dream. At least, that is what is expected. These expectations will carry a bride to multiple stores before finding a dress that meets every checklist item. By the end of it, the bride has put in a lot more hard work than she would have for the average shopping trip. Now, that is not to say that it isn't fun. Wedding dress shopping is SOOO MUCH FUN! Enjoy every second of it because it is such an experience to lavish in. However, the stress will still occur, and what should a bride do when this happens?

There are many stress relief options out there. A bride can take a bath. She can nap or get a massage. She can delegate to her friends and family to take some of the weight off of herself. These are all great suggestions. But my favorite way to ease some of your stress is the one standing right in front of you, the original "one".

Before you say yes to the dress, you say yes to your person, your love, your fiance, your everything. A bride chooses to begin planning the largest event she will likely ever plan because that is how she wants to kick off the beginning of life with the person she has chosen to spend forever with. She has chosen to share everything with him. So do that, share everything. Your fiance knows what is happening. It's not like the wedding is a surprise to him. Your fiance is preparing to make vows to you and stand by you for life. Do not try to take on everything alone. Women (myself very much included) can struggle to lean on people because we have fought so much for our independence. But marriage is about learning to do the opposite. We have to learn to lean on one another. That is part of becoming one with one another. That is the very core of what marriage was intended to be. Becoming one, sharing all things with one another, carrying each other's burdens. Let your fiance carry some of the load, whether that be having more opinions on colors, food, and music or just being there for you, ready to give you a foot rub after a long day of planning. Whatever it is you need, talk to him about it. Let him in. Too many brides let the stereotype that men hate wedding planning keep them from really sharing with him in this. Use this as your time to come together because it will make that day all the more sweet when it does come. Remember: He is your true "one".

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